Our preference is to build partnerships, not just supplier relationships. We have made a long-term commitment to our clients that our industry positioning is trade only, and we continue to honour and maintain that dedicated stance. We believe that this focus facilitates stronger working relationships, as we work together to deliver for your clients, not in competition.

We welcome new clients and urge you to consider joining our movement of preferred partners. There is a quick accreditation process to be undertaken, to ensure that both parties are aware of and appreciate the others working style, expected needs and wants from the partnership and best way of working. For more information on this, get in touch.

By registering as a preferred partner, you can be sure that you will receive the best prices, the best service and continued support across our business. Our products are industry leading, our reputation sound and our prices sharp meaning that you can benefit from good profit margins and remain competitive. You can be sure that our quest for innovative new products, the best and most efficient machinery and better ways for working is endless. We have a culture of continual evolution and you can be confident that you and your clients will be exposed to all that it produces.

We also can supply marketing collateral, imagery and display product for your use and co-branding when pitching, selling or marketing to your clients. In fact, we are more than happy to bolster your own “products” section of your site with our images or coproduced outputs. Work with us to better understand your client base and their needs so we can recommend products that will appeal and add value.

With industry leading technology and products, we often are contacted directly by consumers wanting to purchase direct. Our preferred partners benefit from these queries as once these are identified as “non-trade”, we pair them up with a partner that can facilitate the sale and delivery of our product.

If you’re keen on working closely with us, get in touch and let’s have a coffee.

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join the movement
join the movement